Switchboard Group is equipped to offer a full range of switchboard-related services.

From concept and design to precision manufacturing and installation at all levels. In addition, we provide a full after-sales service and support function.

From concept to  design, manufacturing and installation

Our team of highly experienced and professional designers  are equipped to work in close consultation with our clients, to ensure that your designs are tailored to suit the specific requirements for each project.

All our drawings and schematics are produced using CAD, providing design integrity and accuracy, quick and easy modifications if required, and ensuring project security.

With years of experience in designing switchboard and related products for almost every conceivable industry, our clients enjoy the benefit of the very best practical advice and assistance.

Strict quality control comes with in-house manufacturing 

All our switchboard components and products are manufactured and assembled in-house. This enables us to exercise strict quality control at every stage of the process – including rigorous inspections at every stage and the issuing of the final tests and inspection reports.

Our sheet metal components are produced on CNC punching machines, while our in-house metal preparation and powder coating facilities ensure a uniform standard of quality from start to finish.

Because we don’t outsource these functions, we can offer a faster production process and better turnaround times on manufacturing projects – saving our clients time and money.

We go beyond industry standards

Our manufacturing conforms to recognized standards such as I.E.C., BSS, VDE, and SANS – in addition to industry-specific standards that may be required by major purchasers. Our 3 manufacturing plants also enable us to meet urgent delivery requirements if necessary.

In addition to standard power distribution board components, we also manufacture or supply a wide range of related products, including containerised control rooms, CCTV and lighting kiosks, boom arms, and hospital equipment such as X-Ray viewing screens and nurse call systems, among many others.

To view a comprehensive list of our available products, please contact us.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance

We install, commission, and maintain power distribution boards across South Africa and abroad. With the ability to adapt designs and specifications to clients’ requirements and local specifications, we’re able to provide a turnkey service that eliminates the need for clients to procure or coordinate products and services from unfamiliar sources.

After sales service and support you can rely on

Our after sales service plays a key role in the sustainable long-term relationships we build with our clients. We’re keenly aware of the vital role that our switchgear products fulfil, and we’re on hand to ensure that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

With many of our clients in critically important sectors of the economy and industry, like mines, airports, power stations and hospitals – not to mention some of Southern Africa’s largest factories and distribution centres – we understand the importance of fast, professional backup if needed.

24-Hour response service teams on standby

Our 24-hour fast response service teams are highly skilled and are equipped to deal with unforeseen emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring minimum disruption to our clients’ operations.

A turnkey solution for your company

Because our design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and emergency backup service are all kept in-house, we’re able to offer you a number of immediate benefits.

To find out more about the wide range of services we provide, please contact us today.

Competitive Costing

We don’t have to outsource, which eliminates much of the added expense of having to deal with external suppliers.

Faster turnaround times

There are no unpredictable third-party supplier delays, and we can keep you updated on the progress of your project every step of the way. And, because we have production facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, we can deal with urgent orders more effectively.

Accuracy and quality

We exercise rigid quality control at every stage of production, giving you peace of mind that the manufacture, assembly, and installation of your project is conducted to the highest standards.

Long-term reliability

Because we have insight into every stage of a client’s project, we’re uniquely able to perform upgrades with minimum disruption, provide fast, professional backup services, and play a vital role in the sustained success of your project. And, along the way, we make it our goal to forge a strong business relationship built on clear communication, trustworthiness, and reliability.

Personalised advice and service

With more than half a century of experience, we understand that every client’s needs are unique. And, with the insight that experience provides, we can offer sound advice and assistance tailored precisely to your requirements.